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The Working Title Is…Beloved by Me

She reminded me of my Mom.

Honest. Straightforward. Genuine.


I considered my marriage as blessed as hers.

Met as teens. Best of friends. First love. True love.


I’ve been inspired by her parenting, her philanthropy and her love of Springer Spaniels.

Selfless servant to our county as woman, wife and mother…

I wrote asking her to be the keynote speaker at Hospice’s annual fall event. The letter included pictures of Hogan, our Springer Spaniel puppy begging for her to say yes. I never expected such a personal reply.

Palliative care and hospice care are synonyms. Choosing comfort care, refocusing from hope for a cure to hope for quality, pain free days for the remainder of your life…that is the essence of hospice care.

I can only hope the same for everyone I love…and for myself one day.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Bush. xoxo



3 thoughts on “The Working Title Is…Beloved by Me

  1. Kara Reams says:

    She chose a courageous route to die. One many don’t discuss….i admire her decision. Hopefully this will open up a dialogue.


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