About Katie

I am a proud mom, a grateful daughter, a loyal sister and, on occasion, a brutally honest friend.

The death of my husband left an ache in my heart that is always present but comforted by happy memories and the support of those I love.

Born and raised in central New York, I am living proof that you can take the girl out of Syracuse, but you can never take Syracuse out of the girl. My favorite season is college basketball season, and while I love Syracuse, I will be a proud Marquette Warrior until the day I die. I am an active volunteer who loves red wine more than exercise.  I am an unrelenting patient advocate, a really good tipper and will stop to pet any dog that crosses my path.

My days are unpredictable and out of control, but at their end, I find myself feeling incredibly blessed and lucky. Even if I haven’t been drinking.

xoxo  kmp


7 thoughts on “About Katie

  1. Karen DeKoker says:

    Katie, I don’t know how I came about your blog, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your writings. I love that you are still in the house!
    Cheers, Karen


  2. Susan Crowley says:

    Hello Katie. I am a member of Christ Child. I was at the Spring Luncheon yesterday. First, congratulations on your Woman of the Year award. Your commitment and dedication to Christ Child is inspiring.

    Second, your acceptance speech was so moving. Many of us had to reach for a tissue. In fact, one of my guests has some deep health care challenges with her son and day to day living is emotional to say the least. Anyhow, on our car ride back to the East side we talked of your speech, and it really gave her the next breath … so to speak. Please know how much it meant to many of and especially a person in dire need of inspiration to keep moving.

    Again, congratulations and kudos to Christ Child Society for honoring a very special lady.


    • Oh, my gosh, Susan, thank you for this kind message. What a beautiful way to start my day! I will say a prayer for your friend. As a mom, I can imagine nothing worse than having to watch your child suffer in any way..body, mind or spirit. It was a lovely day for Christ Child, and I will be floating on all the kindness directed my way for a long time to come. Hope our paths cross down the road at another Christ Child event. xo


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